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The innovatively designed MattCap, a safety award winner for an international mining company.

Winning both the Rio Tinto’s Making a Difference Award and the Energy & Minerals Recognition Award (2017), our Mattcaps are a testament to NPR’s innovative, trusted and refined product design process.

Reduce manual handling of heavy steel hub caps and replace it with lightweight, non-corrosive Mattcaps.

Mattcaps also make checking your oil easier with 3 sight glasses.

The Mattcap has proven its benefits to the marketplace. Its superior design is:
» 75% lighter than the steel alternative
» Flexible but holds it shape
» Impact resistant
» Non-corrosive
» Easy to view oil levels

Kit Includes
1 x Cap
3 x Sight Glasses
1 x Magnetic Plug
1 x Valve
1 x O Ring

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