Identify your fleet in all conditions

Identify your fleet in all conditions

Machine Identification Numbers

National Plastics & Rubbers vehicle identification panel ensures your machines remain visible in all conditions. Our panel suits tucks, dozers, and other earthmoving equipment required in the mining and construction industries.

Nevafail LED ID Panel

At National Plastics & Rubber we specialise in mining vehicle identification numbers, and constantly develop products that are purposely designed to meet mining spec requirements.

Specifically made for low visibility conditions, underground, or wear dust and soil is constantly turned up, NevafailTM machine LED ID ensures your machine numbers will always remain visible. Featuring a fail-safe reflective panel, NevafailTM will quite literally never fail displaying machine numbers – even if the LED light fails.

These LED vehicle identification numbers are lightweight, as well as, impact, water, dust, and oil resistant.

>> Flat panel

>> 24v

>> Interchangeable Digits

LED Machine Identification panel | Dozer and truck identification

Contact NPR today to discuss how we can meet your fleet identification signage requirements.

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